Desire Good

The idea behind Desire Good is "to go to what gathers".

How does a person know how to do that though ... how does one know what needs to be gathered?

If anyone was ever good,
was not Jesus good?

Jesus was even once called "good master" by a person in the scriptures.

Well, the truth be told is that he himself did not think that to be true.

However, he did not accept that description of him as being true.

His reply to that person was not, "Thanks" or whatever else might fit that honor. Instead, he asked, "Why do you call me good? There is none good but one, that is, God."

Jesus did not deny being a "master", but he denied being "good".

So from Jesus' own reply we can see his definition goes against even our current culture regarding what is defined as "good".

, to Jesus, appears not to have meant a state of being, as in, a person having had done something for a purpose with the result being that a person was considered as being "good" for having done it.

"Good", to Jesus, appears to have meant that the author of a planned process of doing something is who the one who is "good" whom Jesus, concerning himself, gave credit for being "good" to God as the author of the plan.

Since Jesus was a part of the plan but not the author of the plan, then his own question and reply makes sense as to what he reasoned "good" to be.

The term "good" comes from the terms "to gather".

(NOTE: See screenshots at the end for the sense development of the terms I've included.)

In English, we do used the phrase "to gather". The term "together" means something of the sort of "to gather together".

When I first understood that "good" originates from the phrase "to gather", I was rather shocked. "Good" then, to me, was no longer the result of a finished process, but, rather, the process itself, which is why the idea of being "good" is so hard to pinpoint as many of us consider things we do as being "good" while others very well may consider the things that we ourselves do as being "bad".

Since you can now see that "good" comes from "gather, then Jesus just as well could have stated, "There is none that knows what the plan is for gathering other than one, that is, God."

Jesus had great desire to do what was good.

Desire is like hoping beyond hope against impossible odds that he could accomplish what was laid out for him to do.

In this website, I am going to teach you a lot about a lot of things, but, mostly, I will be teaching you about the how to desire that which is good. That is what Jesus desired. That is what we must desire ... to move into being the part of the process of good that God has planned for us all.

To be continued ... September 28, 2021 @ 12:43 PM

The definitions below are from the Oxford English Dictionary of 1888.