Cancel Culture

This political nightmare we have in our country is largely due to the churches.


Because it is the churches who are really the ones who historically have taught and still teach that they have absolute, unquestioned authority over you!

The truth is ... they don't.

But! They want you to believe they do. The truth really is ... they don't. It's a gaslighting situation. They want you to doubt your own authority so that they can steal it from you and set themselves up as your authority. They want you to think you are powerless and not authorized to make your own decisions about how you are governed. Study it. They are carbon copies of each other. Do you dare to question and see what I mean? How dare you! Right?

And! If you question their authority, what do they do? Notice what the media and social media does to those who question their authority? Yep! You see it now, don't you? They cancel culture them, right? They blacklist them and doxx them and spread identity crucifying accusations and shaming campaigns against them, right? Same thing, right?

How many of the media set foot in an authoritarian church leadership arena and learned that there is unmatched power in the ability to cause the peons to not question their authority?

So who's fault is it in the USA that the current generations are being ran over? Well, largely, the current and previous Christian generations who espoused that they held unquestioned, absolute authority who could not be questioned about their authority.

I sit back and watch ... the church wants immunity from accountability for what it teaches ... Annnddd the world wants immunity from accountability for what it teaches.

Riiiggghhhttt ... they are the same mindset ... Authoritarians.

I find it interesting how that now the church isn't all that much in authority anymore and is getting ran over left and right as if people in authority over them have no desire to be accountable. From whence does that part of the church think the others learned it?