Life is short. Friendships are even shorter. Be in an accountable relationship where you can do a system check on it at any moment to where the other half of the relationship (friend, relative, business partner, co-worker, etc.) can tell you in a friendly way where you two are in the relationship.

If you don't have that kind of relationship, then what you have is not a friendship. It is merely a relationship.

The root origin in "friend" is "love", and, to me, love is a journey with a destination. Love has wellness to it ... so that it can be balanced out in order to fly straight to the destination. If you can't do a wellness check in a friendship, then the love is missing and so are the guts of the "friendship".

Communication is a must. When there is no communication, there is no journey as "commune" comes from the term "common", and "common" could mean "together" as "one" or also could mean "together" as "bound, under obligation, obliging, ready to be of service".

If someone says, "I am your friend" else "I love you" but doesn't have the above senses in mind, then that person is not your friend. That person is only wishing one's self could measure up to the "friendship" status with you!

My mother told me that if I had more friends on my right hand in my lifetime than I have fingers on my right hand by the end of my lifetime, then that would be amazing.

Though we have a "Friends" list on Facebook, the truth is, we have many "Acquaintances" on Facebook. It is just simply that true. However, we can be friendly to our acquaintances, and who knows what friendships might come out of those efforts! :) <3

My "Friends" article was inspired by an altercation we had with a woman who lamented to us that she thought we were friends, when, in fact, we were her clients to whom she talked down to us about us while we were in her presence while she was on the job for us. I had to tell her that we weren't friends. I think she was shocked that she had a new definition given to her that did not include her belittling people and still having them as "friends".

This world we live with uses definitions so loosely. I remember when I was a child that the term "friend" actually had a special, distinct meaning apart from "acquaintance", but the politically correct, "Karen" world we live in sees "acquaintance" as a polarizing term and uncaring, so if we don't call anyone we meet our "friend", then we are a whole list of negative superlatives.

So that was the inspiration for this article. The topic was on my mind, so I went into researching the terms and their origins. The article is what came about as a result.