Word of God

Why is teaching that the Bible is the "Word of God" wrong?

The Bible is not about the Bible. The Bible is about God himself and how he interacts with mankind. It's focus is about God. It's prophecies are largely about God. It's prophecies are not about the Bible. In fact, there are no prophecies concerning the Bible being or becoming the Bible (aka the "Word of God").

So when folks carry on about the "Word of God" (aka the Bible), then, you know, that is what they worship, and God is sidelined as well as relationship with God is also sidelined.

Sidelining God ... that is one of the dangers of teaching that the Bible is the "Word of God". It is not right (straight - righteous). It is wrong (err - unrighteous). Another danger of the Bible is that it is not true. It is not even close to truth. It is, in fact, very far from truth.

In my experience, many of those who teach that the Bible is the "Word of God" also teach that they are teaching absolute truth, yet, they can not absolutely prove that they are correct. How is that? They want the authority but are purposely short on their education for the accountability of what they want in their pursuit of authority. Interesting, no? I see religious radicalism in that. Do you? Does it not look familiar if not mirror today's political stage in the USA?

Yes. Yes! It does!

So while folks complain about the radicalism in politics, they need to look not much further than the radicalism in religions, especially, in "Christianity".

It is integral with our fallen nature from God to want authority with very little to no accountability. The world corrupts the Church to where the Church becomes the world. Other than the sign in the church yard, what is under the steeple is nearly the same mentality that is under the neon bar sign.

If you want truth, then, first complain about the untruth in things concerning God, then complain about other things if that be your calling to do so.